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Friday, August 31, 2007

I and GOD

Well, This is to tell you all about the relationship of me and GOD. I make the companion of god in all my work. I feel the presence of god and he is there with me always. I use to remember him everytime and everywhere and I churn myself with his name. I do perform religious rituals, beliefs and prayers.

I determined that the powers and love from GOD cannot be obtained in worship rather than by making god as our close associate. We have to remember him from our conscience and insight of our deep knowledge. We should first understand him, his existence, his powers and his likings. By worsipping and perfomining rituals does not make ourself pure and generous. We have to be pure from our soul.

Soul is only the eternity that can encompasses the powers and light of God. To enlighten ourself is to enlighten our soul. We are soul that is made up of accurate and concreate light which cannot be seen with our own eyes. The soul can be imagine only by its feelings and likings. The body is made up of matter which is corporeal and last with only its existence and it is the soul which exists for ever.

Soul changes its form from one to another as if we change clothes in our daily life. Soul takes one body in one birth and after the death of our perishable body, soul takes over another body and persists in that body until the death of that body.

God does not look our body which is a subject matter of substance but the soul. Soul has to be get interacted with our supreme father which is also a soul like what we are. But that soul is not ordinary soul and it is called supreme soul GOD. The interaction of Soul and Supreme Soul can only takes place through RAJA YOGA. This RAJAYOGA and the spiritual knowledge can only be given not by any other but rather than non other by GOD himself through the medium of common man's by incarnating in his body and giving the sermons and imparting the correct knowledge and identifying himself.

It is out of prieview of all the religions which only identifies their devotees and its sects only by its births. This is the soul world and knowledge and everybody is invited to be a path and parcel of this knowledge irrespective of any religion. This is been done through ISHWARYA VISHWA VIDHYALA BRAHMA KUMARIS where is Head Office is located at MT Abu and it has many branches all over the world.

You can visit their websites at http://www.brahmakumaris.com/ to get other information like stree free life, Copying with negativity, Healthy and Wealthy life, etc.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life Full of Corruption and Injustice.

This is related to uncoventional issue which really matters us and confuse us. We probably have a respest and etiquette to our elders, leaders, teachers, priests and of a person with high profiles. We consider them as our guide and moreover protests in our rescue. We impart knowledge from them and have a due respect for them. They play ideal roles in our life. We follow their paths and teachings and incorporate in our life to defend oursef from obstacles.

Moreover, Someone treat them as if they are dietes and starts worshipping them. I came across with our grat superstar Amitabh bachhan treating him as diety and starts worshipping him. What absurd is like this, Is he will play the role of a diety, he himself gets deeply borrowed in the world of sin. One can make somone ideal and follow his path if that person is free from all worldly mundane of life and he is completely pure and virgin in all respects.

But as been told by our elders and leaders that to give respect to our parents, aged people and take the guidance from them, as can be said that they have seen the life and they know more than us. This is OK but if this situation gets reverse and instead of giving examples to others and if they themself doing sins and concieve the bad character? The world will become best if you yourself gets improve and make an example of yourself to your youngsters.

Religions Priests, saints, and leaders follow us the good path towards better living and building up a good chgaracter and if these saints gets spoiled and concieve the bad character then where the people will go for the moral education and divine knowledge. I always used to give good respect to my elders and high status people, but suddenly I lose faith and trust as they themselves are so bad in their dealings and character that instead of touching thier feat for bestowel they are not in a place to take advice.

So the same way goes with the religion and their priests. Here also malfunctioning takes place in their dealings and superior people always gets their hands first. There are sacred teachings in all divine books and knowledge but whether the said teachings have been put in to practce by them, No. This is to only make the people to show and only for sermons and speeches.

There is no purity, justice, honesty, solacecity and on the contrary there takes the place of arrogantness, jeolousy, enimity etc. In this place it is very difficult to judge as to whom to give regards and respect. It is immaterial to give respest to the person of high profiles and elders.
No one is to be consider to be pure and honest. Where the normal person will go for justice as the courts and laws have become frudalent and moreover many play badful tactics in the name of religion.

Injustice... Can I change it?
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The world isn’t fairI’ve heard some complainThe injustice in the worldCould drive a man insane.Some are paid unfairlyOthers disrespectedWhile others who don’t deserve itAre constantly protected.Racism runs rampantThought those days were past!Hatred is the only thingThat most people think can last.Death and taxed are certainBut is the unfairness just as sure?How much more can common manBe pressured to endure?Those who need medical helpAre denied it every day.Then those who are hypochondriacsKnow exactly what to say.Male assistants are hired At a higher rate of payThan those whom they work underIf it’s a woman of modern day.Murders get off Scott freeIf they are attached to fame.While citizens with minor violationsGet treated the exact same.What happened to the class?The respect we all deserve?Should we all just stand and take itAs they grind at our last nerve?Amanda Martin

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Inputs - Efforts / Success - OutFlow

There always lie a success for any sort of efforts. Many people gets success with no efforts or with lesser efforts. We should not give up the battle for no achievment of any results. Success will bound to happen until and unless we struggle for several times.

The good example of ants trying to crawl upon the wall with a bit of minute feed in their mouth they fall and again rise and ultimately they reach to their destinations. Always try and try no matter don't forsee your destination , see and learn new things out of your failures.

Once I was working with a marketing company and my work was canvasting and getting the orders from the clients. I used to convey a lot at far distant places. I came in to blues with no results or no orders from my side. I relatively console myself and encouraged my enthuthiasism with no problems of getting orders but I learned something that I came to know the new places, markets, enviornment, people. Finally I got the orders coming from that place for which I had lose the hope.

Don't loose your hope but try to put more efforts and the result will bound to happen not now but after a longer period of time and one way after putting so many sfforts and if success comes than it makes lot of happiness and satisfaction to the achiever. If every thing has to get at a one go or in easy manner then there would be no charm in the life and every success whether big or small wouldnot have any importance in one's life.

The very good example of children of elite and rich people . They do not have any value for their money as they got it from their parents and they even don't dare to know the sufferings and hardships to earn and to live ones livelihood. They are pampered so much that they don't value their life and believe Money can only rule in one's life.

While on other hand those who are poor and service oriented people work with struggle and after their hard inputs they get their salary and with that salary they live with their livelihood.
They know the importance of money and belongings and they are always satify and happy with their achievements.