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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Todays Accurarcy and Perfectness of a customer

Todays economy has changed in to reverse gear. Previously poeple used to save a lot and spending less. Their richness and greatness were counted in the form of wealth, valuables, lands, plots, farmhouse which were accounted in the form of savings.

They used to give their belongings in the form of security and hypothecation for applying any bank loans. Banks previously used to get many formalities from the applicants for loans which were in the form of rights of ownership of their belongings in their name. There were very lenghty process to obtain loans from the Banks and Financial institutions. People were turmed and toiled for obtaining loans.

People were considered rich and great in the primitive stage when they were used to give loans to others for which they were used to charged a very high rate of interest compared to banks.They were called money lenders and Marwaris by keeping the pledge of their belongings with them.

Today it has got reversed, Banks do not take any hypothication or pledge of our goods and belongings which is gained by our savings but sees our expenditure. Todays world is more emphasised not by savings but expenses.

Todays to obtain loans one has to give IT returns and Bank statements so as to show them that we incur heavy expenses on our daily transactions. Banks are eager to know ones liabilities rather than assets. If you have credit cards of more than one banks you can obtain easily the credit cards of another banks. There is no significant of FDRs to show the security for obtaining credit cards.

I dont understand to check the correctness of someone, what one has to see? his expenses or his assets. Todays criteria is that if you owe a liability of one banks you can easily owe a liabilty of many banks.

Banks are fools in their dealings they need to check the credibility of a customer not in the terms of his spendings but in the terms of their savings. I need to give an example of mine for applying the credit card. A Tele marketing girl wantedfrom me the credit card of another bank so as to give credit card of her bank. I explaind her about my Fixed Deposits standing in my name with her bank. She did not convinced and rejected my application for Credit card.

The ground is that dont save but spend a lot in the form of Loans, Creditcards etc to considered yourself to be more geniunine and accurate.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The role of festival in our life

I have seen people gives a lot of importance to one religion. They become very pious, true, generous at the time of feast. when feast goes they again restore to their original life which is full of bias and corupt.

Why it is like so you tend to become generous and good only at the time of festival why not to your entire life. Religion always shows the true path to follow throughout to ones life and festival is an impact to put in to practice those path. Here it is only temporary phase of those path when it goes, every thing will be forgotten. People like to live in dust since they are corrupted, Corrupted in the sense that they become selfish, greedy, anguish, arrogant,bewildered and anarchy in their approach by fighting with each other to get their hand always on the top, for that they become thirsty of their own blood by killing their own brothers and sisters and tends to put dispute in the society.

News always come for the politicians fighting for their seats and trying to pull down thier competitors by showing their greatness. People are holding their job and business only for profits. Life has become corrupted and exploited in the hands of richer towards poorer. Poverty is taking place to a larger extent and the gap between the rich and poor has been widening. When festival comes people becomes sober and soft in their daily doings by givings alms, donations and serving the mankind. If this great good acts has been put in to practice then the slavery from this world will go and everybody will lead a peaceful life.

Try to make your life with all days of festival, then festival would not be at all there in our country like INDIA.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Managing Stress

Stress is a part of life. Even under the best conditions you can experience stress. The key to handling it is to develop a plan for managing stress daily.You cannot pop a pill now and then make it go away. Instead,you need to change the way you live and how you respond to events in your life.

Regular exercise and good nutrition help combat the physical effects of stress. Common examples includes walking, jogging or bicycling.

Good nutrition means a well balanced diet,eating moderate quantities,limiting caffeine and maintaning proper vitamin levels. It also helps to discontinue harmful habits such as smoking.

Combating the emotional part of stress calls for relaxation. Relaxing allows you to release fear and frustation, clearing your mind of tense or troubling thoughts. This can be done in many ways such as laughing, praying,meditating, sleeping, listening to music or reading.

Yes, your stress can be managed, but you must have a sensible plan for achieving it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Being polite costs nothing

Have you ever thought about how much nicer the world would be if you were always polite to the people you meet ?. Being polite costs nothing, but it pays greater dividends.

What is the success of growth in a big organisation, definately its management and its infrastructure. Both depends on the morale and efficiency of its employees. The employer should always be polite and sweet in his approach towards his employees. He should always praise for the small efforts and output of his employees. Moreover he has to consider even his flaws and errors in their work. Workers and urchins should also be allowed to participate and also to view their opinions in the management of the company. They also should be treated as a part and parcel of the company.

Employees are not always found of money. Besides money they want respect, gratitude, regards , Love and affection from their employers. One of my friends who works in a same company for a longer period of time with a meagre amount of salary. When asked he told me about his satisfaction, Likeness, belongness and loveness towards his staff, management and the owner of the company.

The story of Lord Krishna and Sudama in this regard is a very famous story of politeness, and loveness. Once Lord Krishna was passing from the house of Sudama when he was very hungry. He visited the house of Sudama and said for the food. Sudama got ashamed of not having any food stuff but a grain of rice to offer to eat to Krishna. He placed a grain of rice with a glass of water. Krishna was amazed to see the hospitality of sudama. Shree krishna said to sudama the costs of this grain of rice is very precious since it involved a love of yours for me in it. People are always thrive for the true love and politness from others irrespective of the monetary transactions.

So always show love and respect to others and always be polite in your approach.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Short Story of a king who had lost his only son.

We all are very bound to our habits. We moreover exercise our duties which are abound by our habits. One should always be dynamic to recast from ones habit. Habit or daily routine plays a very important role in our life. One can easily capable on going to its daily chores which are fixed by certain rules and restrictions which becomes our habit.

To get breakthrough from our habits gives us a new look and insight of any matter and issues. We are bound to do a particular task because we are traditionally fixed to it. We cannot cross its boundaries as we are attached to it. Habit is directly influenced by our current sceneraios of economic, cultural,religious and political boundaries.

One can become an extraordinary when one can removes its habits. one should be so couraged to try out some different ways to come out from routine. Everyone and everybody follows the same path but no one comes out with new and different proposal. One can become special when someone comes with new inventories like Newton- For its gravitational force, Mahatma Gandhi -As a non violence freedom fighter.

There was a king who had only one son who was born and brought up with a lot of pampers. One day a son got lost in a jungle when king had gone for hunting. The King got very upset and he declared a huge price for his small son who was hardly a year old. With great efforts from his people all had gone in vain. The king had lost his hope of about his son.

After seven years of time the king had gone to jungle for hunting. In jungle he got a very strange creature, a creature who was looking like a human being but behaviours liks a bear. The king got that creatiure to his kingdom and after great examination he assumed that he is no more a creature but his lost son.

After imparting knowledge and education , He told the king that I was lost in jungle and I had been brought up by a small groups of wild cats and bears. Living with them he forgot his own indentity of a human being and started realising that he himself is a bear.

So ones habit is so grossly embossed by its influence and environment one become used to it and one really face hardships and troubles in his own life.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Simple Life - Successful Life

One has to lead a simple life. Simple in the sense of living. One has to see its circumstances and status and accordingly live his life. For e.g. not spending extravagant amount on any expenses. Everybody tends to be showy, arrogant to others. They forget their ownself and their status and repent afterwards in terms of debts and wrong decisions.

One of my friends wanted his wedding to be celebrate in a big scale. He strived very hard to save money for his marriage purpose at the costs of his life. He could not compromise as he want to show his prestigiousness to others by throwing a big party at his wedding. People tends to become very formal and thus life becomes very complex.

People live their life for others they always think of others. They feel guilty and ashamed for others. They do not want to do any thing which they feel that it would be wrong to others. Others have come to play in our life so much that we have lost our own identity and influence by others. The tag of others should be removed from our self unless and until it is for good cause and does not give harm to others.

I was very much influenced by the movie AGNEESAKSHI cast Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirla and Nana Patekar. Where Nana Patekar Objects his wife not to call anyone at her birthday when he is there. He said that there is no use of others . People will come and go but no one comes at our rescue. It is true that people will come for two days in demise and console us and disappeared.

Live your life in your own ways without taking attention of others. It is good saying that everyboby will come in hay days and no one would be their in our sorrow.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

How to make a Life Happy and Comfortable

Life seems to be very dull, boring, paradox and routine. Everyone complains of their own lives like life is very hard to survive, not easy going, mundane, routine etc. How to overcome this burden, how to remove this bluez from our life etc.

There is a solution try out some casual issues which could overcome your stress like once in a week do some unusual work which could give you some recreation,and enjoyment. Like go for a long drive, cruise, meet your old friends, help others in their efforts without any monetary benefits, involve in some ceremonies, visit old aged, hospitalised people.

One of my friend who was very bored of his routine job. He wanted to change the job trying to search for another to give him better benefits and to come across with new things. I suggested him about the new job which might be very strange at first, insecurity, new environment, strange collegues, Exploitation, New management etc. I explained about the breakthrough or changes to be made in his present vocation. For e.g. to take up a task of your collegue to accomplish his work, concentrate the most excitement part of your work and feel refresh in your self. Create some another route to escape out from routine work for your job . He satisfied and thanked to me for my niche advice.

Another friend of mine was not taking break in his life.I told and assured him that you should go for a change to rejeneuavate yourself like going to a holiday trip, religious trip, cruise etc. He complained about his financial problems.I gave him a good solutions for saving atleast Amt of Rs 5/- per day for which he could easily can do. Like there would be a saving of Rs365*5 = 1825 for his 2 days holiday trip per year.

This is the way to manage your life to bring freshness, gloomness etc. One has to give a chance to do something new so as to overcome from his habit. One can also change the habit of food. One does not eat only normal and simple food but also try some exciting food to give a breakthrough in ones life.

Atleast go once in a month to a restaurants have a candle light dinner with a some one you loved and give a neccessary time to make yourself aware and to bring changes in yourself.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Planning Makes a Perfect Man

One has to plan his life. There are two types of plan one is Short term and another is Long term.
Short term is used for everyday purposes. Long term plan or mastery plan is the index plan of short term plan.

Without planning we would not be there anywhere. The managers, PRO, Business Executive Officers in corporate sectors makes the perfect plan of their activities and hence there is an effective infrastructure of a company. This infrastructure has been borne by an effective planning. The planning is borne by creating effective ideas in mind. Ideas turns in to thoughts and thoughts becomes results when it becomes real.

Turning thoughts in to results is a very harden process. One has to accomplish its goals, In that many hardships and hurdles strucks and distracts our way towards goal. Planning plays a very important roles in realising our goals. After implementation with a proper plan one has to analyse or investigate the process of planning to filterate the correct paths.

As an example you have decided your activities for tommorrow and you wrote that on a paper.
At the end of day you have to recheck your activities for today. If incompleted that has to be carried forward for tommorrow besides your additional planned activities for tommorrow.

The planning makes you a perfect man. Your time, energy and money will not going to waste in absence of plan. You must be in a position to take up a preplan task for the forthcoming time.
A good secretary of a boss always direct boss for every second of preplanned time. Long term plan is the list to be included in short term plan afterwards with a scheduled time fixed for it like planning for a holiday trip, Wedding event, Savings, shopping etc .

Both the plans should get updated with regular interval period of time to discard the old activities which is already been meat out and with the new entries to be done. Planning really makes a life perfect, efficient and effective.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A short story of a solitary Girl

Solitary Life is a very happy life. To remain alone and aloof for a certain period of time gives utmost advantage to your body and mind. It is perhaps saying, that there should be a confirmity between your body, mind and soul. To give your body rests one needs to give your mind and also soul to get relax.

Todays life ie very chaos, fast, advanced everything should be done at a very fast interval of time. Jobs timings are also getting extended day by day i.e up to twelve hours of duty. Our life is getting detoirated day by day. In such a scenario, Man needs to adjust themselves by striving hard and it thus affects his health and immune system of body.

Todays life has become artificial. Man has become very rational in their approach. They normally freak out with their freinds, pubs, discos or rather with any sort of stuff. Here he dont gets the time to look for his own innerself. To make a conscience of oneself is to get free from this mundane or rather abstract from his present wellbeing.

I can give one such nice illustration of a girl cutting the edges of grass, she was lonely and alone but was very happy from inside. She was doing her job so nicely and that to all alone. In such a big valley of field cutting the bushes I felt that she was the part of this nature. Besides her all flora and fauna was also admiring and with the gloom and glory of that small little cute girl.
Her peers was far away from her and they were all together.

With Curiosity Iasked that Girl of her Loneliness. She said I do not like friends that does not mean I hate them. I like to be with my own self. She said I rejenevuate myself and I really feel utter happiness and admiration. when I am alone I conversed with nature, birds and animals.
I was amazed and I learned from her that to maintain stability in your life one has to remain oneself by remaining quite and abstrain from others.

But in todays life everyone wants to show off their generosity by indulging in to parties, rallies, politics, seminars etc and etc. SoI request you all people to throw away this artificial life and maintain the life of a solitary girl for a certain period of time.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Real life Saga of an Entrepreneur

It is strongly believe that more profit lies in business. Job oriented peopole always repent themselves for not doing business. Truly, there are many drawbacks for one to start business.They are as follows :-

1) One needs huge capital investment for godown, office space, and needs to maintain huge stock.

2) Too many legal oblighation to comply like agreement, Partnership Deed, Registration with different Tax authorities and local bodies formalities.

3) You may get deceive in the hands of your employees. You would be gifted one day with a nice crafted resignation from him notwithstanding giving handsome salary, incentives, priviliges and sponsorship for the vocation.

4) You may have to strive for the global competition. One has to consider when you quote internationally. Your price should be competitive to the rest of the world not only for your home country.

5) Your contract also gets failed globally due to the changes in political sceneraio, for eg In the middle east countries the business gets stuck up for the entire month of Ramadhan every year. Such changes have to be managed with positive attitude.

6) Even there is a delayed payment you should be in a position to manage your business.
Like how to pay salary to your staff, vendors even if your receipts gets linger. You cannot reject to your big customer at the time of signing contract only for the factor of timely payment.One has to tolerate in this difficult situation.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Indian Law - Indiference to man

Our laws always protects the rights and privilige of an Indian Women. Everywhere and everynow it bows , respect, dignify the portrait of Indian women. Women are always considered as Pure, Sakshat Laxmi, Devi and full of characterise human value.

There is always respect for women with regard to her greivances, family problems, social, cultural and economical factors. In Income Tax also there is an exemption of income for them. In social issues women are given better preference then man.

Man are always considered low and inferior as compared to women. Though I belive that ancient women were deprived with basic living concepts of education, occupation, dress code, underhand, dowry, absence of laws.

Drastically now it has changed very much. This society made new laws for women to have equal participation with men. It is a nice step to avoid the exploitation against them in front of men. This is still been in vogue in villages that they are still underhand and considered as under dog.

Man on other hand in urban have become victim in the hands of women. Today Modern women takes undue advantage of their laws against their husbands. At rececently the law has passed for domestics issue in fovour of women describing her rights and claims against their husbands at the time of abuse, quarrel, seperation etc.

She is protected by the law she needs to be nutured, nourished, shelthered, claims her property with her husband. Men are now considered as bluffer, dishonest, flatterer when women raises her voice in front of law. If a women certifies her husband as No Man ie lack of sexual pleasure with her, she can gets divorce easily and that to with the compensation from him.

Is this our law, Women are considered true and pure but all the women are not Saraswati.
If a man is having an extra affair with a married women, would you called that married women as saraswati. Rather we should change our perception that all man are not decieve and all women are not loyal.

Before giving a verdict , one has to study its pros and cons of a case rather deciding on gender issue and giving favour to a women.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Life - Full of Mundane

One’s life is dependant on others.One cannot live his life in his own ways. He has to follow the rules and fundamentals of the society. He has to or rather force to observe its ethics and principles and code of conduct. He is ever bound with its formality.

Like, someone is not in mood to celebrate any festival for the crisis or bad events , He has to observe for its culture and values.People are so zero in on that there is no escape route out of it.

Why I have to observe the tradition ? why I am forced to do a particular event, when I am not in mood? Why I have to celebrate any festival say (Diwali), when I am incurring heavy losses in business?. Is this a tradition or mundane helps me in my personal matters. News always comes for politicians, about their deaths, medical etc etc Why not for our common people.

One has that right or rather one should change their belief that festival celebration only takes place when a person is in mood to do so. If I incur huge gains I will declare bonus to my staff and celebrate Diwali.

So, Please freak out from wordly mandane to live your life as per your principles.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dress Code of Women in Particular

Hi, Folks. This is regarding to explore the dress code of women in general. Day by Day in our country i.e. (India) women are adoptting the western culture. Gone were the days when they were not used to make their face seen to other male members.

In Hindus they were hiding with Ghoonghat, in Muslim burkha sysytems were there to respect the dignity of women.Don't take it wrong I am not against the contemporary. We should manage the culture of women or rather women should observe their dignity by not bending to the extremes of two opposite ends. They should follow the mid paths.

There are so much gaity and glore for women like different shades, colours, cosmetics, beauty soaps, sauna, garments, accessories, embriodery, fashions, hair designing, Mehndi, dyes colours and other stuff to enhance their beauty and glore.

Salwaar kammez with embedded precious stones, Gaghra Chania chowli, Banaras Sarees, etc that we do men doesnt have any more options only like suits, safari, kurta and shirts pants.

But nowadays, many college goer girls observes the life style of man wearing tight T shirts and body touch jeans destroying their own beauty which would have done with long earings, good costumes, designs . Like how Kajols image was there in KUch Kuch hota hai as a TOMBOY image. PLease, todays girls abandon your TOMBOY image and put up an indian women style on you and see how boys glare at you.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Internet - Reliable Source of Information

Internet plays a very important role in our daily lives, without which our life would have become stable and steady. It is very useful to corporates, individuals, proffessionals, industrialists etc.
It is very easy to operate but one should know the addresss of the particular websites.

Not to say of about an e mail which transmits information with no seconds of time to any parts of the world. One can download any contents, matter, articles, logos, images and share the information to others.

Internet has become a source of incomes to the proffessionals like Website Designers, Software programmers, Bidders,Share holders, Web housters, etc.

To mange housting of sites is also an art. One of my friend who is very expert in extracting the information. He is so brilliant the he minimise all the open sites windows when it is in the process of downloading and gathers the information when it gets downloads.

I was also using the net for e mail and hosting of sites. When I used internet for lond period,I came across with the new stuff i.e. how to make an income, google cash income, freelancing work, frelancers forum, yahoo groups and many more.

Internet has definitalyhas given boom to us in our proffession and one has to get well acquainted with the net. I am requesting those people who lives in non computer stage to buy a computer and connect to the net for getting uptodate and brings modernisation in their real life.

for more information of buying software and internet and hardware problems please visit www.sahiwala.com

National Unity and Integrity

The nation rejoiced in festivities this week with Diwali and Eid being observed within days of one another.
As Hindus celebrated the festival of lights, Muslims marked the end of the Holy Month of Ramzan. India, this week, could set its troubles aside for a while and celebrate with crackers, sweets and much goodwill.

Paradigm of Gandhigiri

It seems to be rather absurd to say Gandhigiri, It is Gandhi Philosophy or Gandhian thoughts.Here, the people are quite paradox about this topic. Several issues has been raised after the release of the movie Lage Raho Munnabhai. whats new was there, I dont criticize the making of the movie. Indeed the movie was very good and highlights the character and portrait of our national leader Mahatma Gandhi.The language used by munna i.e. Sanjay Dutt is very offensive in Mumbaiya Style, Kya bola, Apun Ko. Here he also insults our Bapu by telling Gandhigiri.

What is the meaning of Gandhigiri, Is it opposite of Gundagiri. I cannot understand the critics. After the release there was so holla golla (Mumbaiya Style) everybody starts taking positively and every start leading the life of Gandhi. Before it was Kabarastaan, People used to live in a shrewd way like why you not me ? every one was involving first in themselves not taking care for others, corruption, assassination, theft, humility, rage, shout, bombarding, destroying and the life was becoming horrible.After the release of this movie, everyone came to the true path and lead a successful life. I think that Vidhu Vinod Chopra had fooled the people around and made a very huge collection at the boxoffice. Well, great Vinodji I appreciated your efforts in making our nation true and prospective by showing an edge and highlighting the portrait of Ganghiji.Well, Vinodji keep it up and please highlights the same way of different personality in your forthcoming ventures.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Live and Enjoy with Nature

Hi Folks,

This is to tell you all peple that live with nature. Remove your precious time to spend with nature.

I have seen many people living an artificial life like Discos, Pubs, Joints, Sizzlers, Shopping, Long Drives, Movies, Get toghther, Kitty Parties etc. They even not bother about their prevailing climate, environment etc.

All modern amenities have come in to foreplay like Geysers, Air conditioners, Water Coolers, Tower Fans, Chandiliers, etc. People have become used to with these accessories. Without which they cannot live.

See, Rural people life they are so strong enough that they bath with chilled water early in the morning. they are so strong enough to fight any disesase. what are there diet simple chappati and onion or potatoe bhaji.

They are more happy and content than us. They enjoy every moment of life with great charm and with enthusiasm. I have seen many movies in which an actor lives with nature, talk with nature, talk with wild life flora, fauna, birds, animals like in Krissh where hritik leads a very happy and peaceful life.

NO sooner when he comes to a big city people instead of respecting his ability starts to exploit and commercilised his ability.

so, Please live with nature spend your vacation with nature by going to villages and live with them,drink water from well, eat those chappatis, help them in their daily chores (Ploughing and cultivating fields) , take deep breath, sit under a shelther of tree like sharukh khan in Swades and feel their trauma , poverty, self respect, loveness, kindness, selfishness. You will really enjoy it .

Do regular meditation and your prayers and manage your like to give enough time to the Gods Gifts Nature.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Abolish English and Encourage Regional News

Is that you all people observe in your English Newspaper everday. Is been filled up with all mundane of this world?

English newspaper will cover up all the latest news from politics to sports and all cllasical and commercial advertisements thats all. No beyond the news coverage. At the most some entertainment and puzzles and suppliment for the kids.

Is that we are looking out for this matter,I dont understand many newspaper covers up the unneccesary photographs of the feast, get together, Fashion shows and all vulgar scenes.

Is that we are looking up for this coverage. I think its all showy and involves lots of fantasism to lure the readers and advertisements of several banks, Cokes, Credit cards, Celebrity etc and not to say of Page 2 of supplemnt papers . This paper is almost showy and nothing else.

Papers should be such a way it touches your heart, inspires you, relax you, attract you, etc. I came across with many regional papers indeed they covers up stories, publish an autobiography of legends, dicusss the latest trend in our ociety its basic pros and cons, humour, spiritual, cultural. All the regional papers are very touchy and attractive then to English Papers.

One day will come all the people will decide to abolish all english News Paper and to encourage all regional Newspaper.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

A dialogue from this movie said by Rani to Sharukh when Sharukh said her Alvida, She said no Alvida "Kya Malum Kab Pata Kahin Bhi Mulaqat ho sakti Hai".

It is well go saying that we should not break the relationship with anyone nevertheless how bitter and soar the relation would be.

We heard many times from others that no wonder when an enemy comes to your house even then you should welcome them.

You should take everything on a stride, we should forgive and forget others. Do not take revenge from the enemy but try to turn them in to friends.

Love and Friendship always gives respect and courtesy to others, while enemity breaks heart and bring disaster in your life.

Moreover, continue your freindship forever, no wonder when there is no common base with you, like two persons were the best friends while they were working in the same organisation. Now they are no more because both had left the same organisation. You should continue by sending SMS, E mail Telephone them once in a week.

Create a common platform like sharing your ideas, going to moveis, helping or joining for some common cause etc then only you will maintain strong relationship with each other.

So, once more "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna".

Interesting Topics- Failure Returns

I came across with many Marketing Strategies selling their products like hot cakes. Attractive and motivating ads to make people cry and fool afterwards.

Not to say Companys name as its against our policy, as we undergo in that scheme we get distress, sadness and situation becomes very pathetic afterwards.

These people only bothers for sales, If sale or particular transaction is over and if they are fully paid no one take care afterwards.

They make our sales supports phone tag. but are always ready for new clients.

I had recenly read one adds even on the net, If you undertake this work you will earn Rs 50,000/- per month. what stupidity.

I called that executive to my place and asked very first question to him, This is a great Funda why wanna you want to share your secret with others for earning Rs 50,000/-.

What answer did he give to me I believe in humanity if one secret I found so it is my duty to help others.

Afterwars, I came to know that very person was not earning from the very source but by making people fool in advertising like Invest 500/- and earn Rs 50,000/- .

India - Country of Festivals

Here comes Another Festival Which is around the corner Besides Ramadhan Idd And Diwali

Thousands of migrant labourers are visiting Bihar to celebrate the auspicious chhath and Eid festivals.
Trains from New Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and Punjab are packed with migrants visiting home for chhath, where people worship the sun god for a longer life and better health.
Railway officials in the East Central Railway headquarters at Hajipur said that this year, the rush is heavier than usual since the Muslim festival Eid falls a few days before chhath.
Over 50 lakh migrant labourers are working all over India and most of them save for months to visit home during chhath, the most popular Hindu festival in Bihar.
Interestingly, the Bihar government has no record about the numbers of migrant labourers from state.
"It is a fact that there is no record of the number of people who migrate," a senior official of the labour department said.
Half the population of Bihar -- the second most populous state in India with 8.3 crore people -- live in poverty.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Great Fundas Of Attaining Happiness in your Life.

I always like those person who are dynamic and depends on the current scenerios. It is well goes on saying that we should always adjust a per the environment. As so our perception, thinking, judgement, rationalising should always go as per our time.

As one of my friend who always gets frustated and annoyed at a particular point of time for any issue,but after his deep intution, conscience, pros and cons he reaches to the final and correct solutions.I like those persons who some time give up his thinking, logic reasoning to others and also take fruitful judgement from others.

You should static for your judgement but try to see other people views and beliefs.

To make yourself happy and successful always see from others point of view. Everybody likes to be called as king to themselves, Try to call the people or prase others for their little efforts and see the results.

Agony in the Real Life issues

I came across with many People who have really life time genius problems.

They are always busy with their work, they dont get the time to spend with others. They always complains for no Time, Tension in life, Social problems, vocation problems etc.

They lead such a hectic life that is really miserable even than hell. One of my freind to whom I always gives a call daily so as to get refresh or cutoff from my work, he never sublimes nor entertained me but always woes for his problems like no mood, no time, business problems, social problems, I dont know whether humour and laughter has gone from this world.

Everybody and everywhere some how or other people engaged so much in fulfiling their duties even they dont get time for their own intitution.

Now a days jobs hours has also extended up to 12 hours, So there would be no time for anything.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ramzan Idd in Hyderabad

The holy month of Ramzan is very auspicious to the Muslims worldwide. Ramzan-Id, also known as Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated all over India. 'Eid' means celebration and 'Fitra' stands for donating a dutiable part of total family income to the poor and needy. It is celebrated the next day after the crescent (Idd ka chand) for the 10th lunar month of the Islamic calendar is sighted. The Muslims are ordained to observe fast for 30 days (sometimes 29 days, owing to the early sighting of the crescent) starting with the sighting of the new moon and end it after seeing the new moon the next month.
Eid-Ul-Fitr is the holiday that follows the blessed month of Ramadan and falls on the 1st day of Shawwal, the 10th month in the Hijra calendar. As with all months in the Hijra calendar, it begins with the sighting of the new moon.
It is a very happy festival, especially for children who get gifts and money called 'Eidy' after having joined the elders at mass prayers and paying their respects to them. The bazaars are decked out and people go to Eid prayers in new clothes and accessories creating an atmosphere of colourful joy, happiness, and brotherhood.
Eid-ul-Fitr brings a message of peace, friendship and brotherhood which is displayed by 'Eid-Milan', literally meaning, 'embracing and celebrating together'. This is done after Eid prayers when all embrace each other at the mosque. Friends and business acquaintances of all faiths and communities are invited home for Eid-Milan and are served festive food including Sewaiyaan (vermicelli/noodles cooked in ghee (clarified butter) and milk with sugar), also known as Payasam in South India. Special literary and cultural programmes are organised and broadcast on radio and television, to spread the message of oneness of communities, and love and friendship throughout the world.
Every Muslim is required to offer the Id prayer with his brethren in faith. Fitr means alms, and before joining the prayer, every Muslim gives alms for the month of Ramadan to the poor. This is different from the normal zakat, which is given to purify one's wealth. This zakat is normally given to local Muslim needy. It can be given anytime during the month of Ramadan and is often given early, so the recipient can utilise it for Eid purchases.
After the alms have been distributed, the gathering goes to the house of the Muslim religious official for Id prayers. Prayers are held at grand mosques in all major cities of India like the largest Jama Masjid in Delhi, Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad where the scene is that of a fair: festivities, games and shops or stalls for children and adults. Mosques are crowded, and recitations from the holy Koran can be heard from a distance over loudspeakers fitted in mosques and other religious gatherings.
At the end of the prayer, the Kazi delivers a sermon, then offers special prayers to Allah for the welfare of the faith, remission of sins of all Muslims, for the safety of pilgrims and travellers, for the recovery of the sick, for timely rain, for protection from misfortune and for freedom from debts. Thereafter, people visit friends and relatives to say Id Mubarak and to attend Id fairs to buy toys and trinkets. Id-ul-Fitr is a festival for a general expression of goodwill.
It is believed that the holy Quran, came into existence during this month. Prophet Mohammad who compiled this was an illiterate person. However, he was chosen by the God to be his messenger. Whenever any problem arose, he would get "Vahi" (inspiration from God). He would become red and would speak out spontaneously. All these utterings were jotted down by his disciples and during this month they were compiled in the form of the holy Quran. It is a message from God to the mankind.
During the Ramzan month, the fast begins daily from the time the first streak of light is seen at dawn till nightfall when the stars are seen in the sky. One can take lawful food at night, but during the day even drinking water is prohibited. In India, the daily fasts are observed strictly and with enthusiasm.
The fast is mandatory for all adult Muslim men and women, except the insane, infirm, sick or travelling and pregnant or feeding mothers. They can complete the prescribed number of fasting days by choosing to fast on some other days. Those who cannot fast, except with great hardship, should arrange to feed at least one needy person in lieu of the days one missed out on fasting.
Apart from bringing the Muslims face to face with the hard realities of life like the pangs of hunger, thirst, and deprivation, Ramzan is an annual training period inculcating discipline and declaration of subservience to the laws of God, enumerated in the holy Quran.
The last 10 days of Ramzan are more important as the faithful watch for Lailathul Qadr (the night of power) during which the revelation of the book to the Prophet was completed. In a way, it is considered the climax of Ramzan and Muslims keep awake all night praying or listening to sermons by Ulema or the high priest.

Diwali Celebrations

Traditionally, Diwali is four days of celebration.
Beginning with Dhantraiyodashi, little clay lamps are lit as an offering to God to ward off evil spirits and to usher prosperity.
The second day is Narak Chaturdashi. It was on this day that the evil demon Naraksura was slayed by Lord Krishna.
Laxmi Pujan is celebrated on the third day when the family gets together to pray and thanks god for all the blessings of the previous year. This is also to welcome the new year the following day, when businessmen start new account books. Families visit relatives and friends and exchange gifts and sweets. It is an auspicious day for new beginnings and also marks the beginning of the wedding season.

True Worship is to put in to Practice

Hi, This is Mr Khozem, as I had promise that houch pouch covers up all the issues right from your personal to national an international.

Well, I seen many people who are very much devotees, pious and religious, they think themselves that they are very really close to god. Do you please really tell me what God Likes that its rituals, customs, prayers, fastings, etc and etc.

what God Likes Really Indeed we doesnt know we make god happy through its rituals, prayers etc . or else take in another way our predeccessors or dieties indeed done good deeds in their lives . We pray Lord Krishna or Jesus, but we doesnt follow their path, sufferings, sacrifices done in thier life to save the humanity.

Its very easy to worship but it is very difficult to follw their paths, lets all of us start practiceing good deeds and follow the paths of our legends and really God will be happy.