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Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Reccession time

Hi folks ! The great festive celebration's is around the corner and the people awaits to rejoice , dance and swings in to mood in this festive season.Nowadys, people has lost the charm and stay away from this subdued festival.

The main basic reason supposed to be the terroists attacks few days back and the downward trend s of the share markets which turn the people to get dismay and stay away from the celebrations.

There is hue and cry, turmoil, disaster and unhappiness in everyone's life. Daily routines, chores makes people always busy and hardly they could refesh themselves only during the festivals and ceremonies.And thanks to the recent attacks and disaster which makes totally out from outings and celebrations.

It is very good to stay from all these artificial celebrations. Drinking, Dancing, dating, pubbing,etc makes man artificial from inside. Today man needs peace and bliss and atleast he will get when he is not partying. He sits with his family with a small get toghther and spends his festive moods with his dear and near ones.

Atleast, these days there would not be a showy or artificial show but more natural and practical celebrations by sitting home and munching their favourite dishes made in home. Atleast let's see and experience the feelings of this celebrations for the upcoming New Year and Christmas.

Monday, December 01, 2008

How the Fidayeen are trained

Engaging security forces in a battle for nearly three days is no ordinary feat. Security experts say that this is possible due to the rigorous training that these terrorists undergo before they launch an attack.

A fidayeen undergoes the toughest training, says an IB officer who has documented the training programmes of these people. The officer says that these men are trained first mentally and then physically. The mental aspect which involves rigorous brain washing is the most important part of the programme. Fidayeens are told that their ultimate goal should be to kill as much possible and they should also be ready to die. Once their mind is set to this, the physical aspect of the training begins. The officer says that training and brainwashing the mind is extremely crucial as the fidayeen become determined to pass the physical test in order to carry out the mission.

The physical aspect of the training is extremely difficult and only one out of 20 men selected for the programme are finally chosen. The official says that this programme was first started by the al Qaeda and then borrowed by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The men who are selected for the training programmes are known as mujahids. A mujahid fidayeen training programme lasts between five and six months. It involves jogging, sprinting, combat, training in arms and ammunition. A mujahid is declared a fidayeen only when he able to sprint 100 meters in 12 seconds. He should also be able to jog for 10 kilometres with just a half an hour break. Further he should be march continuously for five hours carrying things weighing at least 20 kgs. Apart from this he should be able to stay awake for five days in a row and not lose concentration and should be able to go without food for two days. The final part of the programme involves training in combat with the use of guns and grenades.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Suicide Bomber's At TAJ in Mumbai

Hi Folks ! This news is not new now, as it became familair to all of us that ever lasting disaster and turlelence happened to occur in Mumbai by the terrorists.

We became familiar with these news whenever we tune to out TV Channels. Everybody is talking and discussing of this turbelence. I happened to come think me that why these (Fidaeen) i.e sucicide bombers are putting their own life in danger.

It is a normal practice that everybody is doing work or some activity for his livelihood and that to only up to his livelihood but not at the the cost of his life. It is exceptional to our Navy, Soldiers as these people are getting enormous training and perks and moreover they get due respect and discipline from the people of their own country who contibutes their lives for the betterment of our country.
Here also our great ATS chief officer and NSG Commando Mr Sandeep Unnikrishnan and other two officers who laid their life by protecting our country from these terroists.It is not and end to this issue, but the question arises how these terroists gets ready to laid thier life by doing these vehement and terroists activities.

If we think from their own point of veiw, I suggests that monetory or some other factors motivate them to indulge in to these activities. I viewed in TV channels the communication between terroists and our media persons asking them that you are not being bothered of about your family.

Thet are trainied so meticulously and proffessionally, emotionally, spiritually, strongly that they have only one mission in thier life to attain this target (ofcourse it is a terroist activity for us), or rather they think that it is a salvation path or rather JEHAD of their community with which they will sacrifice and become nearest and dearest to the GOD. These type of moral, teaching, knowledge has been given in their training camp.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Values for a Better World.

Virtues / Values

Take one of the following virtues or values per day and spend five minutes thinking about its meaning and its application during the day.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bikni Babes

Hi Folks ! This is indeed shameful in our society to make women to give undue importance to their livings, problems and their life styles.There has been special squad for women in the police department for their redrresal problems.

Man are always been criticsed in the hands of women as man are incapable for every thing. Man indeed are fools and idiots that inspite of getting exploitated, they always use to have soft corners for ladies. They leave their seat in Buses and trains to accommodate them and especially with morden and beautiful ladies.

In Miday newspaper it is always been foung every day MIDDAY Mate's and that to in Biknis and Panties. Better employment chances are always given to beautiful and sexy girls. Today is the world of women and that to especially beautiful ladies.

If a nude and poor man will walk on a road everyone will slander him and utterd him the bad words to him and if any nude girl would be there everyone will come to her rescue and cover that girl with clothes.

Rape and kidnapping scences are always found here and there and who has to blame for that? only gilrls and ladies they should been abolished for wearing tight skin touch clothes encouraging in to orgasm in man.Giving undue advantage to this sections of the society will one day make this country totally ruin. And is been rightly said that "Aurat Narak ka Dwar Hai"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to master the art of Winning

Hi Folks this is an indeed a very good article from rediff mail about the art of winning any game in any situation.

It requires a lot of patience, Hard work, Struggle, Efforts, Disclipine, Positive attitude, Co operation and last but not the least love and affection from your collegues and sub ordinates.

Here is an article

I believe, it is a series of events (education, job, personal experiences and so on) that all collaborate to make a personality or a career. My MBA education taught me a couple of memorable things: make the most of a given situation, look at the problem and not the person responsible for it, and true accountability.Through all those case studies and internships we are taught how to prepare for varied business eventualities. However, in the real world, each situation is unique; every problem/challenge requires a renewed approach.
When success is defined by how fast you change with the dynamic socio-economic environment, there are no standard solutions. And the only thing that you carry forward from your education is the attitude, the philosophy and certain examples of what "not" to do.
Let me draw an analogy with my favourite sport soccer. At B-school one gets good coaching - one gets to learn about how to kick the ball, control the ball, field movements and so on.
In a profession, one is playing a match and individual skills picked up at B-school are not enough to win it; one needs to coordinate, play his role, create opportunities, take initiatives and rejoice in the celebration of the entire team. I strongly believe that in real professional world there are no individual triumphs. Individual accolades and medals end with the alma mater.
To all those stepping out into their careers post their MBAs, I would strongly advise that they look for linear organic growth at the beginning of the career. Exponential growth, especially in the initial days, results in dilution of certain fundamental strengths. I am reminded of the story of a butterfly coming out of the cocoon.
If you do not let it struggle through the entire process and try cutting open the cocoon to help the butterfly out, all you will get is a butterfly with underdeveloped wings that cannot fly. Similarly, one should try and gain operational level experience first.
Additionally, I think, every individual should contribute towards a "learning organisation" - this is a term coined by Peter Senge; and implies that everyone in the organisation has the power to contribute positively and should aim at achieving an overall synergy through harmonic coordination of work profiles.
Subrotah Biswas did his MBA from Pune University
Visit the link : http://www.rediff.com/money/2008/oct/29spec.htm

Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 Mantras to survive slowdown From Stock Market

Hi Folks ! This is an interesting article from rediff the linked of the same has been mentioned above .Investors in the stock market and mutual funds have already seen great erosion in their wealth. That is, the Sensex is down from the highs of January, when it was over 20,000 points, to close at a dismal 9,975.35 points this Friday -- down a whopping 50 per cent in just 10 months.
And the last 20-25 per cent decline in the stock market has been so swift that it has taken just seven trading sessions to achieve this feat.
To top this, the entire banking and financial system is under a lot of duress. There is a crisis in terms of confidence, with banks sometimes unwilling to lend short-term money to other banks and companies.
Does this mean that we are headed for doom and nothing can be done about it? Certainly not, in fact, the great news is that there are steps that we could possibly take now to better prepare ourselves for some tough times ahead.
Though there is no silver bullet or short-cut that can save you from a financial crisis of such nature, because no asset can protect itself or generate real returns in a panic situation, there are some key things that a family can do to ensure that they are ready to weather these uncertain times.

Step one: Stay Calm. Don't panic and make rash decisions. Even though you know that selling shares of good companies or mutual funds is the worst thing to do, it is often the first thing that comes to your mind.
Of course, this is not to say that if there is money in high-risk, high-return mid-or small-cap funds or stocks, you should not move them. But take a call after you have properly analysed losses that would have incurred in the process.
Yes, these are times when you have to be more alert, but translating your alertness into immediate action need not be necessary. You should opt for rational decisions in such times.

Step two: Just a while ago, you would have got calls from head hunters and felt ultra-confident about yourself.
But with changing times, it is more likely that these calls will slow down, and so will hikes being offered by companies that are recruiting. Even your own company may not give much of a hike in the next year. But it's time that you do not look at hikes and increments. Instead, be defensive about your existing job.
There are several ways of doing this -- right from taking in more responsibilities to improving your skill sets. This could mean putting in more hours, if possible, and working harder and smarter. Be prepared for situations, where your company is pruning its existing workforce and more workload may be coming your way.

Step three: Create a contingency fund aggressively, if you have not already done so. It is far more important now to have that additional cushion. Have at least 4-12 months of expenses in the liquid form, that is, in savings account and fixed deposits, at all points of time.
If only a single member of the family is working then it is imperative to have more funds in the emergency kitty. Additionally, take stock of what you can sell in such markets without incurring a loss.
Can you borrow against fixed deposits, take a loan against your LIC [Get Quote] policy and withdraw from PPF or EPF? Do you have gold that you could possibly sell? Evaluate all possibilities and be ready for all contingencies.

Step four: Perhaps, not taken too seriously, but the most important point -- reduce your expenses. There are two types of expenses: mandatory (groceries, child's education, home loan) and voluntary (entertainment, vacation, eating out and others).
While there might be no way of scaling down mandatory expenses, voluntary ones can certainly be scaled down.
However, even dealing with your mandatory expenses smartly can help matters. For instance, if you have high-interest home loans (most would have gone up to 12.25 per cent), you can look at refinancing it as there are banks that will offer you a loan for around 10.00-10.5 per cent.
This can result in a reduction of the equated monthly instalment (EMI) and improve your cash flows.
But it comes at a cost. So you will need to do a cost-benefit analysis of the loan transfer before going for it.
If you are paying very high interest rates on credit cards and personal loans, you could do a 0 per cent balance transfer for three months (or slightly more), but refrain from using them till you clear the debt.
If you really need to raise cash, opt for relatives instead of institutions or use your fixed deposits, real estate and other investments.

Step five: Have a proper savings budget and continue with your investments in PPF, EPF, SIPs and gold. Most importantly, this is not the time to be adventurous for investing in short-term equity.
Doing all the above means you are much better prepared to tackle the bad times. It's important to pre-empt rather than take drastic measures in the future.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Rise of Towers in Metropolis

Hi Folks! This is very absurd of high rising towers in the city. It only includes modernisation and Sanghai view look to our city. The chief problem is it actually adds to our fatigue and causes ill-heatlh to our lives. The high rise could not be beneficial to our health as the degree of temperatures and weathers varies certain degrees as proportional to the heights.

People living on the top floors has to suffer from many health problems as the temperatures differs from the surface of the base. Not to say, about natural calamities like catastrophe, earth quakes. The high rise is only the sign of growing population of our city.
In ancient age, People used to say that the KALYUG will definately will come and in this stage people will not get the roof to live and they live above the heads of one another. So this high rise is only the sign of the KALYUG.

I had seen many sky srappers coming up around in our city and amazed to see such a hugh high rise. The floors of the hight rise or rather windows of each floors looks like the buttons from the down when viewed from the bottom. It simply makes me difficult to see such towers from down as my eyes gets stained or neck gets pained to view up to the top.

Tody evey citizens are in the favour of high rise towers. I can give the best example of GRAND PARADI at Kemps Crner area The towers has been itself builf on a cliff which is 50 to 55 inch high and on that the hugh tower has been build and not to say about the LIFTS. When there is no power, one has to climb or to come down with their own feet.

There is a lopsided or rather unilateral development in our city which causes great woe's to our people. Day by Day new rises are coming up with no equal to our today's transport systems.
On the contrary, Trains should get double or triple deckers coach as to accomodate to these citizens of our city. Many BEST Buses convert from Double Decker to Single Deckers causing great inconvience and adding more to our woe's of the people.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Two sides of the same Coin

Hi Folks! I observed if someone comes to you for any purpose , they are there for you for their own privilidges and comforts. And once there work will get over, they will not see you from back also. They will always show you or rather tells you the benefits, advantages or likeness of that particlar issue for which they have come up.

The best instance is of the salesman , In his sakes talk he will narrate all his advantages of his products and services. Another is the nupital get toghter where a groom's ralatives will always give his best examples to their bride's relatives. The hidden cost i.e. disadvantages never been shown or rather it comes up after that situtation gets over and finally one has to repent the whole life whether in terms of the products or from the life partner.

Everone talks of their own good things or work. No one shows the hidden weakness lying in himself. I can narrate the good example of a sales man who was true and honest in his sales approach. When asks for his competitors he always used to appreciate and encouraged his clients of his competitors. He always sees the budget of his client and also the requirement. If someone was not having requirment he used to say why waste money to buy his proiduct he can also go without his products and finally after a short period of time his sales grows like leaps and bounds.
I can tell one good example of my own self, where I had been invited for the inaugauration for the launch of a new bank produts i.e internet banking. The Branch manager and the guests presents in the meetings gave a very wonderful sppech about their new produts to make an ease for their clients to use internet banking at home without going in to the bank. After the meeting they were clled upon to their customers to say something for any problems. I spoke and said that it is very nice and thanks for coming out of the new products. Besides advantages there lies hindrances underlying the products, when it is used practically like anytning come accross like net problems, server problems, slow download speed etc and etc.

So, these points were not been narrated in their beautiful speech. In every situation there are two sides of the same coins. If anyone used to give some relief to you in return you have to pay its price for it. As it goes with antibiotics it cures your disease but on the other side it gives you side effects also.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sweet Unforgotable Memories

Hi Folks ! We always remind some of the sweet memories of past and reclloect those events which could not be forget. We even remember our friends, relatives and collegues for spending the time with us in the past. Past is unforgateble and future is to make our sweet memories to come in to existence.

We have our building friends where we conduct one day picnic every year as we could not forget our past picnics and it always happen to come to our memories and we go at every year. The person's company is also important to make that event more memorable. Like minded and easy going friends are more comfortable than reserved.

I can tell you one of my collegues who always gives me a very good advice and his advice remained in my mind as memory and I could not forget that friend. His advice was when I was getting depressed he used to tell me We have come in this earth all alone and we have to go from this earth also all alone so why there is so Hue and Cry for others and things.

Another friend told me that our two hands are not given for skirmish and fighting and with these two hands how many people you will make them defeat but with these two hands you can shake and make your join your hands together to say regards and courtesy in front of thousands of people.

Another friend of mine was really on the other sides of spirituality and hard core believer in spirits and ghosts. He told me when you urinate in open and calm spaces before urinating just signalise by making sounds so as to get vacate the ghosts from the places where you urinate.

Advices, Morals, Love, Freindship, Places, Movies, Spirituality plays a very important roles as these places are unforgatable and it makes our relationship more strong and build. For E.g. Two starngers when they happen to meet on a certain holidays or trips became husband and wife afterwards.

Sweet memories are always there for you forever and it is found by old and elderly people who always make them find in their past life and enjoying thier ancient age.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Confronting with Dreadful Relationship

Hi Folks, Here are some peaceful tips as to avoid in skirmish or to tackle with dreadful relationship. Here we have tp play the safe game to come out from the grim situtation and also could not spoil our relationship with others. whether it is in our business or with our family memebers.

As it is been rightly said it takes a few seconds to break the relation but takes a long way to go to build that broken relations.

One way to come out from the skirmisk is let to make the opposite person to remove his wild anger without opposing in between, otherwise this will only lead to enhance in to more conflict. Be calm and quiet and make him speak as much as he wants. This is the one best way to come out from the situtation.

If he really feels guilty afterwards when he cools down, in that situtation try to explains the in's and out's of that skirmish. Always bow to others and always gives grandship to the person who indulge with you in fight.This is the correct meseaures to resolve the conflict or rather it will go to the extremes.

Here some are the few tips to resolve the Dreadful Situtations :-1. Don't take their hostility personally. Try to keep your emotions out of it.
2. Retaliate in king, with patience. Be Quiet, firm and detached.
3. Don't try to stop the harangue until the person has said everything he wants to say or until he stars repeating things.
4. Try to use positive body language and facial expressions.
5. Don't critize. Focus on isues, not personalities.
6. Use Careful questions to uncover the real problems.
7. Don't expect an irritate person to like you. Be satisfied if he or she will listen to you , or it you can successfully settle things.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Income Tax Exemption- Senior Citizens & Women Assessee

Hi Folks! This is indeed the very careful categories of our society to take care off. Senior citizens has been exempted from Income Tax up to Rs 2,25,000/- and for women assessees up to Rs 1,80,000/- leaving behind the normal man to suffer.

There is also the protection given to the senior citizen and women by the police department for their grieveances to make their complaint directly on the phone numbers 101. It is true to see their position in the society as there is no other way to lookout to themselves by their family members or rather they get exploited by their children and relatives.

Our Political, cultural and social systems always heed these sections first and provides them their fundamental rights and freedom. They also get priviliges in BEST buses and trains by reserving for them special seats and places.

It is not always true that whatever they demand or come out with any issue against anyone. I heard even a opposite side of it that his father was exploting his son in his tender age to earn for his needs of liquor. Parents discrimante their children and takes undue advantage by always crying for their sorrow without any reasons.

They always complain for one thing or other, they don't understand their children and if anything comes short they make hue and cry and criticize their children. A father always criticize his son by telling that one day he will grow up and gives all the things to his wife and pull out his father from the house.

Not to tell, about ladies and women they are the top of all the above, They make fools to man by crying and complaining always for her wants. They don't understand thier husbands earning capacity and gets envy with her neighbours status. Women have become indecent in their approach and they do not respect to thier inlaws and always prouds for her jobs, Her parents, her status and always makes low down to her in laws.

If this is the condition, Then our system shold take notice of that and should ammend the laws and procedures equal to all.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Maharashtra Hill Stations

Those curvaceous craggy ranges that spine along the coast of Maharashtra, the Western Ghats, are the home of several little known but charming hill stations. In fact they almost belong to the colonial era, when people travelled up to these stations to escape the heat of the plains.Many of them still retain some of that old world charm and would make for an ideal holiday even if it be only on the weekend.MatheranThe nearest of these hill stations from Bombay is Matheran. You can catch any Pune bound train from Victoria Terminus which will take you up to Neral, in about two hours. From there you travel uphill in a delightful little toy train. Take in the panoramic view of the plains below as the train chugs uphill. It makes several stops en route, where the local tribals will sell you forest fruits such asjambouls and karvandas.This is the only hill station in the country which is out of bounds for vehicular traffic throughout the year. Matheran market is where you could pick up some good bargains especially cane and leather goods made by the tribals. There are several viewpoints which one can visit; many of these still bearing those exotic English names. The Hart Point offers you a view of the night lights of Bombay.

Khandala and LonavalaSitting atop the Western Ghats on the Bombay-Pune highway are the twin resorts of Khanda'a and Lonavia. By train, the tracks snake in and out of several tunnels, offering you fleeting glimpses of the gaunt hills and their valleys. Suddenly you sense a freshness in the air and feel a levelling of the tracks on which the train has been travelling and you realise that you have reached Khandala. By road, you would take the Bor ghat road at Khopoli. The ghat is indeed steep, but the climb is faster and shorter and it is only an 8 kilometer distance before you reach the top. Khandala is especially beautiful during the monsoons: the clouds literally envelope the entire town giving you the ethereal feeling of walking on them. Look out onto the hills and you will notice a thousand waterfalls that gush from its sides and flow into the ravines below. Do not miss the sun going down over the hills at Sunset Point. Further up the road, you come to Lonavala. Over the last decade this town has developed rapidly and it is here that both the rich and the powerful have their farm-houses and holiday villas. Several of these fancy structures are out of place with the rural surroundings. While at Lonavala, do visit the Walvan and the Bushy dams. They are usually ftill during the monsoons and attract hordes of tourists. Lonavala is also famous for its chikki and its chiwda.On the Pune road, about 12 kilometres from Lonavala, are the Karia Caves. Belonging to the lad century B .C., they bear a striking resemblance to those at Ellora. The stupa inside the cave and the rock sculptures at the entrance are an eloquent testimony of the skill of the artisans of that time.Today Karia moves out of its ancient past to provide sport and adventure to tourists. Maharashtra Tourism provides courses in rock and fort climbing here. Also proposed at this place, is an Institute for Adventure Tourism. Great things are in store for tourists at Karia.

Panchgani and MahabaleshwarAmong the hill resorts of the state, Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar are the most frequented because several tourist agencies, as well as the government tourist department, offer package tours to these places. Tucked away in the Satara district, they are best approached from Pune. Panchgani, at a lower height derives its name from the five hills that surround it. This is an ideal base for some good trekking. You can explore several mule tracks that lead through the now thinning forests. Climb atop the Table Land', a flat mountain top from where you can look down on to the coastal plains below.Mahabaleshwar was the erstwhile summer capital of the old Bombay Presidency, which despite the increasing crowds that come there, still retains its quintessential charm. Numerous majestic mansions built during the days of the British, still stand as monuments of the Raj.It is a fairly big town with several good hotels and lodges for tourists. For variety of activity you can paddle around the Venna lake or explore the various viewpoints. The bazaar here is also fairly popular, with leather goods and tribal trinkets for sale. There are several small-scale home industries that make rather good jams and jellies.At both Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra Tourism has accommodation that caters to the needs of all categories of tourists.

AmboliFurther down the coast, Amboli, on the southern ranges of the Western Ghats, is a quiet but pleasant hill resort. The Sea View point offers you a panoramic view of a good part of the Konkan coast. Facilities are scarce here, but you can enjoy a restful holiday away from the crowds that you find at other resorts.Some other stationsUp in the Vidharba region of the state is another relatively unknown resort called Chikhaldara. The place abounds in wildlife with the famous Melghat Tiger Sanctuary in its vicinity. From here you can make adventurous forays into the nearby forests, explore ruined forts and find your way to several panoramic viewpoints. In southern Maharashtra, a hill resort teeming with history is Panhala. This was once a Maratha fort, but has now been converted into a comfortable hill resort. In Thane district, yet another virgin unspoilt resort is Jawahar. It is renowned for the rich and vibrant paintings by the Warii tribals. As varied as the different parts of the state, the hill resorts in Maharashtra, offer you a secluded sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing you to explore their natural scenic beauty. They are ideal spots for an invigorating holiday.

The Headache of Using Mobile phones.

The development of mobile phones brought convenient and advantages to the world. Communication between people and people are easier and fast. Though, the disadvantages brought along with the fast grown technology cannot be ignored. These problems not only influenced people personally but also the society.
Symptoms caused by the radiation of mobile phones are one of the most argued problems. Many scientists believe that the radiation from the mobile phones may cause the users to have different symptoms such as headache, earaches, blurring of vision and even causing cancer. Though, these problems are still under research. Mobile phone users are advice to reduce the usage on mobile phones if it is possible.
Mobile phone addiction is a big social problem. Psychiatrists believe that mobile phone addiction is becoming one of the biggest non-drug addictions in the 21st century. Along with the age drop of the mobile phone users and the ease of prepaid method provide by the system operators, most teenagers now own their own mobile phone and network service. Teenagers are engaged on their mobile phones all the time, no matter on phone calls, using SMS text messages, personalising the mobile phones with ringtones and pictures etc. Besides this, many people are running after the lastest mobile phones. New models of mobile phones are released almost everyday. In order to get up-to-date, people tend to change their mobile phones once in a while. These became habits among the mobile phone users causing them to spend unnecessary cost on mobile bills and costs.
Cyber bullying is also another issue among the disadvantages of mobile phones. Cyber bullying is a bullying act using offensive words and behavior via online chatting, emails or SMS text messages. It was showed that the psychological effects of cyber bullying are much severe that face-to-face bullying. This problem now is among teenagers especially the secondary students.
There are still many problems causing but the new technology. Mobile phones with camera functions are causing privacy problems. Saudi Arabia had banned camera phones through out the country while many countries are concern about this problem. This is because many people have misused the usage on the camera phones such as using it as a hidden camera to take photos which are private. The spreading on computer viruses is also a problem for this new technology. Just like computer viruses, these viruses will affect the normal usage on mobile phones making them to malfunction and causing destructions.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Social Service

Hi Folks ! A very great time to do something unconventional. Offbeat works pays you not in monetary terms but also in kind. There are peoples love to work without any intention as to boost their self esteem and intitution. There are various ways to do social service like Helping Hand, Charities, Donations, Sponsorship and Scholarships.

All these activites should go in hidden ways as it is been greatly said if you boast yourself of your social sevice you would not been paid the mankind price from others. Others will think he is showing of his greatness and richness or rather he is a showoff person. Social work is not carried in terms of money but you can contribute your timings, energy, mind, opinions, participation in any social related issues.

A friend of mine who is very poor in every tems like no momey, no time and said me that I am not eligible to contribute anything to others but on the contrary others are helping me out so how can I make good deeds and collect best wishes from others. I said only you have to think always positive for others. Positive thinking is always a good and simple social service. Humbleness, Honestness, etiqueteness, politeness, sweetness should be there in your approach and attitude.

Making happy and satisfying others are also great part of social services. Don't indulge in to argument and loose your temper but on the contrary you have to be quiet and humble trying to resolve the situation in calm ways. I know the story of a husband and wife. A husband was very found of his wife. I asked her the secret and she narrated that I respect and love my husband a lot and in return I get respect and loveness 10 times from him. So this is a great deal, so why should I reject it. The condition is this if you are humble and can bow and bend to anyone you will become lovable and sweetable to that person.

Turning your enemies in to friends is a great social service. You yourself has to come foreword to greet others If you know to love others, others will also loves you. It means whatever you sow you have to reap it in future.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Social Service - II

Hi Folks, This is an indeed good work and it gives peace and happiness to you. Social work not only in terms of money but also in kind and love. If you do some activity without any intension or purpose or with any intension of getting returs than that work comes under social work.

I remember a gentleman who runs a big company with so many employees. I asked that gentleman about his richness and genorisity, He utterd and said that his employees are not serving him but he serves to his employees and said my is first responsibility to make them happy first in terms of facilities and payments and whatever is left behind it owns to me.

Normally boses makes their employees as slaves and here he serves his employees and he always tell others we are only the trustees of our property and whatever I have , I devote to God and I am only the trustee of almighty. What a superb imagination and thoughts.

A man was there who never bothers his money and he spends lavishingly and always invites to charge him more for the superb services. If he has to borne the charge of say Rs 500/- he would pay 600/- instead for quality services and he always tell us when he does like this way more money stared coming towards him. He never runs after the money but makes money to run after him.

Giving a smile to a ambigious stranger and escort to an unknown person at any party or gathering is also one kind of social service. Positive thinking, honesty, benevolence, obedient are also other kinds of kind and help to give others.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Healthy Tips - Lose and Adopt

L - Lose A - Adopt
L- White Sugar and ...............A - Jaggery, Honey;

L- Maida or Fine atta and .....A - Rough Atta, Sprouted Wheat;

L - Fried vegetables and .......A - Raw, Boiled Vegetables ;

L - Tea, Coffee and .................A - Basil, Saunf, Soup;

L - Pickle and ..........................A - Fresh Chutney;

L - Soft Drinks and .................A - Coconut Water, Juices;

L - Sweets, Confectioneries ....A - Dates, Raisins, Sweet Fruits;

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Values of Proverbs, Slogans and Thought for Today

Hi Folks, I had come across with many slogans, proverbs, Thought for Today, Pearl of the Day and good sayings. I had read many sayings, proverbs that feels you good and to learn somethingfrom it and moreover it gives equanimity and peace in yourself.
Thought for the Day

Be true to yourself and be less concerned with what others

think of you.Don't accept thier defination of you,but grow into a

self defination of your own.

Slogans and proverbs are very good to read and understand, Have you ever imagine and thought or rather checked yourself from within that ever I had applied those thoughts readings, scriptures in my daily life.

It is very important to apply those thoughts in your daily life and see the results coming out of it. We observe our riligious rituals obediently but we failed to find out ever that preachings we keep in touch in our daily life or apply in our pratical approaches.

Religious festivals comes and go, but the impact of those festivals should always be there in our within.Festival practices us or rather making us to habitat those values which is imbided in it. But Today's man observes for thier own bwenefit and to its restricted period. When gone everything is gone.

Ramzan's and Friday's are very pious and precious to Muslims sects. Other days they don't consider as good as friday's and as such they indulge in to wrong doings and thus becoming ungrateful to themselves.

Slogans, Preachings, Thoughts for the Day, should always be there with you and has to apply whenever and wherever the situation demands. It is not to be placed or praised by writting down or mesmermising or to be put in a golden plate or rather to show off, but one has to apply it in their situation.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On Line Worship.

Hi folks, On line worship has become an indespensible in tody's life. To get relief from stress and to devote to God, there are several tactics and ways to attend sermons, ordinance, in indirectly ways through internet like on line prayers, on line sermons and so forth and on.

A resident of Mira Road cannot present physically to Siddhi Vinayak Temple every tuesdays, but he takes the help of on line worship from his computer at home and console himself.

Today's life is very fast and challenging. In this competitive world one has to cope up with everyone and in every situation. We should not lapse from our side for any reason and if we lapse, our chance or oppurtunity gets missed.

One of my friend is working in a private corporate sectors .He cannot take a sabbatical for his pilgrimage as he gets insecure for his vocation that he doesn't get replaced or kick out from his present job. In such circumstances, people take the short cut ways to approach their worships, prayers, sermons, ordinances through internet, mobile SMS Services, voice recording, printed literatures , video screening so as not to miss out his religious rituals and observances.

There are various medias and TV channels opened for the person to get peace and to observe his respective religious sermons, rituals and observances. Various TV Channels have been regularly telecasted like AASTHA, ZEE JAGRAN, SANSKAR, SADHNA, MIRACLE NET to update and make available easily to their devotees to visualize their prayers.

In this contemporary world, to take care of their devootees, religions have made the arrangements for the alternative approach to get indirectly get present in their sermons, rituals so as to make easily available through the above mentioned approach.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Satisfaction & Contentment

Contentment and satisfaction are two important factors to be considered in our life. Without satisfaction life will be boring and dull. In this life, Satisfaction graph never increases with the rise of our income, finance or achievement. With the rise in our income, we greed for more materialistic matter and as our satisfaction level decreases.
One has to create satisfaction within himself. Satisfaction gives peace and happiness to us. One cannot remain happy if he is not satisfy with any or rather something.

One way to eliminate the deteiorable situation in life when we expect something and it does not turn out in our favour. We should take it easy or rather just let it go out that situation in a lighter way. Simimilarly when we achieve something, our mood gets swing and we become delight and joyful. We merry and laugh and we come in a very good mood. This is the two face of the same coin. We should not get so depressed in unfavourable situation and not to be get too happy when the situation comes in our favour.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shopping Bonanza

Hi Folks, This is my experience about the feeling and joyful experience which I get while shopping. I normally do shopping once in a week to make myself rejenuvate and to get out of stress. Shopping changes your mood and you will feel recreate in yourself.

During my free times I normally go to Big Bazaar to buy my groceries, provision and other items and not to say you might avail heavy discounts, cash back facility, surprise gifts, coupons and lots more in addition to your credit cards which gets atleast 50 maximum days of credit.

If you add to your chart in addition to shopping to go to sizzlers or in restaurant to have delicious meal. Thanks to multinational banks offering various types of credit cards to lure their customers.

Shopping is a great deal to shop. I had observed that buying from the local sellers will not give any advantage either in cash or kind. You can avail heavy discounts, free items and lot of amenities when comes to shopping in to mall. I really gets benefits while purchasing my provisions and groceries in big mall like Big Bazaar and SUBHIKSHA.

It comes with alot of amenities where you can purchase with your credit cards as by very low amount also. Apparels, cosmetics also can get at a very reasonable rates. It depends upon your appetites to control yourself while shopping at big malls.

The only disadvantage is that you come out with an extra ordinary purchases which you really don't need it and especially to women's. My perception is I love to go in maals with my credit cards and I buy onlt those which I reaaly had an urge to buy and also see other benefits attached to it in the form of discounts, free gifts, etc.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Quick, Fast & Instant with just a click of button

Hi Folks, Today world has become fast, In this motion fast world one has to compete so as to come out with first rank or category in terms of quick service, information, reply, support, help, communication. No one has the time to wait upon for any subject. Thanks to internet and other media which gives fast access and provide information with no seconds of time. With this fast pace of technology one gets a lot of advantages by sitting at one corner of the office like instant access of his bank accounts with just a press of keyboard buttons, mobile payments, tours and travels, shopping, air line and railways booking. In this IT world ther is so much comfort and luxury which caanot be imaginable.

Internet has given a host of services to the people of this world. With on line payments of utility bills, easy access of bank accounts, and any other damp information can get fulfilled with the internet. I think a day will also come that you get ready made parents also on line apart from your kinsfolk parents.

I really gets mercy upon the people of ancient age where they were not having the resources to spend their livelihood. To travel the distance they were using bullock carts, or going walking from one place to another and ot say about long distances where they were used to spend the number of days in jouney with comparsion at present only for two or thre days to complete that trip.With the growing technology and science to give benefits to the poeple ,it leads to also some drawbacks which in turn of loosing patience and getting intense irritation and wild in nature.

I can tell my example to which it direclty soar my temoerature with no quick service on time. The scenerio is of Nationalise bank where ther is a lot of red tapism and very slow process for any transcation and moreover it takes a lot of time to finish one transaction whch can be done through on line. I got fed up with their services which always makes me to get wild on them. I decided to switch over to another bank which can give free access internet on line information.
Today's people has lost patience and perservance. They does not believe in hardships and turmoil. No one likes to stay in big serpentine queues. Services sector which provide services has to get incorporated with the latest technology to give benefits to their clients and customers.

Bill Payments: Online's a good bet by Arti Sharma

Online bill payments are good medium of removing the hassle of bill payments. You no longer have to stand in line, keep track of last dates or go to numerous places to pay different bills.
You can pay all your bills whether electricity, mobile or credit card online. Today one can choose between using an independent bill payment service provider like BillJunction.com and TimesOfMoney.com or you can even opt for the service through your bank.
Banks like HDFC, ICICI and Citi provide this service to their customers and bills can be paid through phone or net banking or via the ATM (automatic teller machine).
The basic advantage to online bill payments is convenience. Different portals have different features. The advantage of the independent bill service provider is that you can hold any bank account and still use the facility.
However, you have to be a HDFC Bank account holder to use their service, which is a requirement for the other banks providing the service as well.
TimesOfMoney.com allows you to schedule future payments, issue standing instructions for automatic payments, use multiple bank accounts and it also provides you with an online archive of your bills.
All the service providers offer archival facilities for at least the last 36 months' bills. They also offer either SMS or email reminders for the bills that need to be paid.
You can choose from a manual facility, which requires you to view the bill and pay or an automatic pay route, through which you allow the bank or service provider to directly debit your account once the bill is presented for payment.
Unless the amount is unnaturally high, you will not be notified about the deduction. TimesOfMoney charges Rs 199 for a period of 12 months and allows you to pay unlimited number of bills.
TimesOfMoney offers the service in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore while BillJunction offers the service in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Chandigarh. BillJunction charges a one-time registration fee of Rs 50 and has designed packages you can choose from.
For instance, under the Supremo plan you will be charged Rs 160 for 20 bills and the validity period is one year.
Similarly if you choose to use the SMS bill pay service provided by BillJunction then under the Supremo plan you will be charged Rs 160 for 12 bills in a period of one year.
Compared with this, Citibank charges a transaction fee of Rs 10 if you utilise the net banking facility and Rs 25 if you use the phonebanking facility.
However, the facility is free to all ICICI Bank credit card and account holders but they need to register as Internet banking customers. HDFC also charges Rs 10 per transaction

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A site that blocks the website which is inappropraite.

Hi Folks! Internet boom is there everywhere with no exceptions to childrens. It has open all the limits and boundaries to each and eveyone and at all possibles corner of the world. Instant information, news, access to, and topics and information for any related issues gets available with no seconds of time. Information gets spread fast to all over the world with no seconds of time and thanks to e mails and web conferencing and chatting. Long trips and journeys has been avoided due the fast speed of communications through e mails and internet.

Internet is also available in our mobile called GPRS, In Short now there is no lapse of communication from anyone and anywhere. Childrens are most affected by this technology. Infant minds gets influenced by adultery and pornographic sites and why not, thanks to our internet which almost gets opened and explore the vulgar and porn films.

In ancient times, people use to get embarass to talk in relation to the topics of sex and porn. Ads were also getting sponsored which was not understood by little children. Internet and other related media's made this world wide open to any doors of news, subjects and other stuff. To make control of viewing sites to your children, there is a site called zoomzaa which enables parents to block any sites to get unvieuwable to their childrens.

One can visit the website at www.hoopaa.com

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Avoiding common problems faced by credit card customers

Avoiding common problems faced by credit card customers
Author Name : Harsh Roongta
Tuesday,14th August 2007

Here are some common problems faced by credit card customers along with possible solutions.
1) No feed back from the bank after submitting all the documents and the application form. You need to take down the details of the name of the person who met you, the DSA's name which employs him and his mobile number and the exact date on which the form was handed over to him. Keeping his visiting card is a good idea but you should also note these details down on your copy of the credit card application form (as in many cases the executive meeting you may not have a visiting card). There is no point in following up with the executive for a feedback. You will be better off calling the common call centre of the concerned bank and providing them with all these details. In some cases even that may not help in which case you may have to apply again if you are very insistent on taking a credit card from the same bank.
2) Fees charged despite the promise of a free card. Get all promises in writing (or on email).

3) Subscription to insurance services or publications started without your approval: Keep a photocopy of the application form and take acknowledgment with full name and designation and mobile number of the bank representative to prove your case that you had never asked for the service.
4) If you still face a problem file an official complaint on the bank's website. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction within a couple of weeks you can file a complaint with the banking ombudsman. Details of how to file an online complaint with banking ombudsman are available on www.bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in
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Credit Card Comparators From Apna Loan

Credit Card Comparators
Here is an easy credit card comparator. The table enumerates all the important parameters of all the basic credit cards offered by the major banks. This table will help you compare disparate features such as interest rate on revolving credit, over-limit charges, cash withdrawal fee, and so on.You can also apply for the credit card by filling up the form on the right.Silver Credit Card Gold Credit Card

Visit the link Below to know the comparators :

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chali Chali Phir Hawa Chali ---- Valentine Special(Sex & only Sex)

Hi Folks, Valentine Day is round the corner, a day of love and Sympathy, Humanity and gratefulness.This Day is especially meant for the couples i.e. married and unmarried couples, teenagers, College Goers, Office Goers and not to say a Boss and his Secretary.In this day they show their regards and love to each other in various forms.

I know the BAGHBAAN movie, where Bachhan Sahaab remember his beloved wife where he gets physically estranged with her.

Today the people have become showy and artificial in their dealings. Love or rather real love is not there between them. There is superflous, gigantic parties, show-offs, excessive interactions and only want a cry for sex and only sex.

In this day, people buy the products which directly relates to orgasm and erotic. The another day of Valentine people generally forgets their partners and their love goes off in the air forever.

Valentine means interacting, enjoying, drinking, hugging, smooching, dancing, partying, kissing and last but not the least going in to bed.

I remember amovie called "Dil To Pagal Hai" where Karishma Kapoor narrates that the valentine day is very important day for the lovers and she said that only in this they forget everything and found themselves in each other. They have a true love and affection for each other. Sharukh says that in the next year in the same valentine day, you would see the same couples hugging with each other are already got seperated from each other, either they get break off or started disliking each other.

Valentine is only the attraction and attachment of the youth age and body relaions and sex and attachment.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tare Zammen Par is Snowballed in this Winter

Hi Folks, No one likes degeneration or any decoy, defective, dull and bad in whichever form it may be. People dislikes and hate them without any reason. It is not a matter of solution to dislike when somthing or someone is there since hierarchy. It is well go on saying that even the mud of this earthl will come to use at any time and in any solution so hence forthwith don't try to oversee anything which is under its control.

The other way round is start finding the qualities in him which is offbeat and unconventional. Today's man are always want to choose those paths which are familair and understood by others. The hidden qualities are mainly overlooked. A lion is always arrogant and proud being the king of the Jungle and he takes in to consideartion to others. A mouse who is very trival in his looks is often overlooked by others.

A lion when get caught in cages by hunters cannot rescue himself other than by mouse who cuts the strings of cages by his mouth. Everybody and everyone is important in this life according to their capacity and limitations. You cannot expect lawyer to treat a patience, One cannot expecta businesman to become expert in any service like proffessionals. Cobblers are expert in their fields, Jewel Smiths in theirs and Glaziers in their fields.

Tare Zameen Par focuses on these issues that how a Dyslexic boy has been overlooked and forbidden by his friends and family. The Actor Amir Khan forcasts his hidden qualities and made a boy to arouse his morale and breaking personality to the top norch personality.

Indeed, the film is very good and a role of a dyslexic boy played by a junior artist is indeed the backbone of the movie. Its song like Title song and Tu Dhoop He, Jam ke Bichar have become popular and included in Top ten. Its back Ground music, Lyrics, Dialogues and Ambience made the film to boost still futher.

Likewise, KOi Mil Gaya is also a Block buster in bollywood movies which also shows the Dyslexic child. This filw was a fiction but a good film and a song Kaacha Nahin kuch bhi Pakka Nahin is an awesome song to hear and dialogue of Hritik Roshan that everyone is mental is a very good dialogue.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Seven Simple Promises That Will Change Your Life (Vishnu Khemani)

Monday's Promise: Responsibility I will take complete responsibility for my health, my happiness, my success, and my life, and will not blame others for my problems.

Tuesday's Promise: Accountability I will not allow low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, or the negativity of others to prevent me from achieving my authentic goals and from becoming the person I am meant to be.

Wednesday's Promise: Determination I will do the things I'm afraid to do, but which I know should be done. Sometimes this will mean asking for help to do that which I cannot do by myself.

Thursday's Promise: Contribution I will earn the help I need in advance by helping other people now, and repay the help I receive by serving others later.

Friday's Promise: Resilience I will face rejection and failure with courage, awareness, and perseverance, making these experiences the platform for future acceptance and success.

Saturday's Promise: Choice I will have faith that, though I might not understand why adversity happens, by my conscious choice I can find strength, compassion, and grace through my trials.

Sunday's Promise: Faith My faith and my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with will shine through in my attitudes and in my actions

Challenges - Imperative.(Vishnu.Khemani)

Hi Folks, This is avery good story from which one can learn to conquer the challenges in your life. challanges are like efforts in your life, without which your life becomes dull and boring. To face challenge one should have a strong confidence in himself. Wothout challenge, life will get boring and routine.

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the water close to Japan has not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went farther than ever. The farther the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring the fish.

If the return trip took more time, the fish were not fresh. To solve this problem, fish companies installed freezers on their boats. They would catch the fish and freeze them at sea. Freezers allowed the boats to go farther and stay longer.

However, the Japanese could taste the difference between fresh and frozen fish. And they did not like the taste of frozen fish. The frozen fish brought a lower price. So, fishing companies installed fish tanks. They would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks, fin to fin.

After a little thrashing around, they were tired, dull, and lost their fresh-fish taste. The fishing industry faced an impending crisis! But today, they get fresh-tasting fish to Japan . How did they manage? To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put the fish in the tanks but with a small shark.

The fish are challenged and hence are constantly on the move. The challenge they face keeps them alive and fresh!

* Have you realized that some of us are also living in a pond but most of the time tired and dull ? Basically in our lives, sharks are new 'Challenges' to keep us active. If you are steadily conquering challenges, you are happy.Your challenges keep you Energized. Don't create success and revel in it in a state of inertia. You have the resources, skills and abilities to make a difference. Put a shark in your tank and see how far you can really go! *

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dress Code (You are What you Wear)

Hi Folks! Being an etiquette and proffessional only counts upon your dress which you wear. Dress makes you a person of a selected calibre. Dress plays a very important role in displaying your image, background and social status.

Dr Thomas Lee concluded from the research that people want their doctor to look like a doctor. He maintains that people prefer a doctor who looks like he deserves their respect, may be even their reverence. If you are a physician, the study suggests you would be smart to dress conservatively.

Thourlby claims that others make atleast ten decesions about you based solely on your dress, they will decide:

1. Your economic level.
2. Your educational level.
3. Your trustworthiness.
4. Your social position.
5. Your Level of sophistication.
6. Your economic heritage.
7. Your social heritage.
8. Your attitude and understanding level.
9. Your level of success
10. Your moral character.

The Queen of England once wrote this to her son: "Dress gives one the outward sign from which people in general can and do judge upon the inward state of mind and feelings of a person; for this they can see, while the other they cannot see. On that account, clothes are of particular importance."

Like it or not, agree or not, how you dress is vitally important. As Daniel Webster wrote, " The world is governed more by appearance than by realities, so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as it is to know it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Market crash: A quick guide for young investors

If you are young and restless and into the stock markets then this is for you.
For the Indian stock markets are caught in a whirlwind and you might need a straw to hold on to something. Some words of wisdom, some nuggets that may help you to relax, howsoever often you may have heard them before.
Waking up this morning would you have imagined the 30-stock benchmark index, the Sensex, would crash by more than 1,500 points after noon?
The US markets seemed a bit stable with the Dow Jones down by about 0.5 per cent. The Indian stocks too had been on a downslide since January 15. However, the shock and awe that the Sensex witnessed today must have made a few of the weak-hearted amongst you stop and take heed.
Weak-hearted we all are but if you also have some patience -- considering your age -- here's what you should keep in mind to weather stock market turbulences.

1 ) Start nibbling in
If you believe in India's growth story every steep fall should be seen as a buying opportunity. If you haven't yet entered the market but want to then tighten your belts. Market crash like the one today is an ideal time to buy. However, since these are very tumultuous times don't put all your eggs in one basket.
That is, if you have Rs 100 to invest then put only Rs 25 or even less during such crashes. If you have heart for some risk then put Rs 25 out of that Rs 100 today and keep the rest for later. However, do this only if you are willing to stake your money for at least five-seven years. The long-term stock market story in India still looks positive.

2. Don't panic
If you are already invested in the market and are sitting on huge losses, don't panic. The macro economic story in India led by the consumption, infrastructure and engineering sectors still have chances to remain insulated from what's happening in the US markets. This because many believe that the US recession is responsible for the current weakness across global markets.
If the US can't buy our goods, no problem. India and Indians have the purchasing capacity believe some experts, who say that the US recession will not have a huge impact on the Indian growth story.

Moreover, India's demographics, skewed heavily in favour of the young, will help India overcome external pressures in the long run. Young Indians like you are spending more on their daily needs thereby increasing the consumption demand.
So if you are a brave heart and believe that there are bound to be minor hiccups along the way this is your time. Add more and good quality stocks to your portfolio.

3. Avoid averaging
If you are a short-term trader and think that you can buy more of the same stocks to average your buying price then you may be in for a rough ride. Nobody knows for sure about which direction the markets will take in the weeks ahead.
Any bad news coming from global giants like the US, Europe and China can only have multiplier effects. If the markets were to tank further your losses are likely to increase manifold. So book your losses and get out of the market.
However, if you want to invest with a long-term perspective start nibbling in on good quality stocks.

4. Don't go by tips
If you are young and eager to make money then you are an ideal target for those who give stock tips. They will start flying thick and fast from tomorrow. Or may have started doing rounds even today for all we know. Some of your friends will ask you to buy stocks; some other will advise you to sell them.
Agreed you will find a lot many stocks at prices far lower than what they were a fortnight ago. Check for their credentials. For this is the time when gullible investors go for the bait thrown by stock market manipulators. Don't buy any stock merely because a broker or a market punter advised you to.
Similarly, there will be a host of technical advisors jostling for your attention. "This particular stock looks weak on the charts. Traders can make some profits by selling them now and buying the same at lower levels with strict stop losses." Shun the thought. For you never know when the markets will bounce back.
Bottom line: don't trade on tips. Better still don't trade at all. Go for long-term investments. For the time being forget what Lord Maynard Keynes said: "In the long-term we are all dead."
God knows what will happen in the long-term but in the current scenario if you were to act on tips then you will only be responsible for your own ruin.

5. Mutual funds are your best friends
In such times let experts manage your money if you find stock markets to be a hot potato. Put your money in mutual funds for the mutual fund manager is a market expert and is assisted by a big team of market specialists. A decision made by a team of experts will help you make far greater profits than what you will try to do on your own.
The stock market hammering of the last few days should be taken as an opportunity to buy into good diversified equity funds. For, they put their money into the markets irrespective of any sector, theme, or market cap limitation.
When the markets will bounce back they will have a far higher chance of appreciating faster than any other type of mutual funds.

6. Don't try to time the markets
As an individual you are in no way going to buy when the market falls and sell when the market rises. Believe in investing money into stocks or mutual funds' systematic investment plans, SIPs, regularly. This is the only key to avoid getting ruined in the stock markets.

The stock market crashes -- like the one witnessed today -- get evened out by long-term gains. For instance, those who had been regularly investing from the time markets crashed steeply during the May 2006 crash would not feel bothered about the crash today.
The market had crashed to some 12,000 points then from about 16,000 levels in just a month's time. Today even after the crash the market was trading at 17,000 plus levels.
Remember that age is on your side. If you are in your early, mid or late twenties then this is the right time for you to put your money in stock markets. Historically, stock market gains have outweighed gains from other asset classes over 10-year, 15-year and 20-year time horizons.
Who knows, by the time you are in your 40s or 50s, twenty years from this day, you might look back at this crash as your first stepping stone towards building wealth for yourself and your family.

This article has been taken from http://www.rediff.com/getahead/2008/jan/21crash.htm

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Importance of a SMS

Hi Folks,

Life gets bored and dull,when there is no newness in one's life. Newness has to be created in our life i.e. in our daily activities. We have to change our routine so as to get freshness from newness.

In corporate offices also, change the pattern of your work, delegate the work to your sub bordinates, spend some more informal time with your subbordinates , staff and collegues. Be positive, happy, sweet and always smile in your efforts.

I can give the best examole of my friend who always cry for his office going on Mondays. hen Monday comes he gets bored and always complain that how he will spend hie entire week. I told him to start with putting new clothes, attires, perfumes esp on Mondays than to Saturdays.

After my advice he started doing the same . After some time his personality got changed and he always welcome Mondays with his open arms.

Try to take break from your routine chores, spend some time with your family, Do some unconventional activity like errands, picnics, outing, dinner in hotel, freakout, shopping or rather some hobbies of yours.

In my spare time when I get bored, I send an SMS to my friends, relatives, acquaintances. In return, I also get SMS from them at any time.

I can narrate of my own situtation , I was very sad, confused and was sitting at one corner of the room. Sudently, I got a SMS from one of my friend . That SMS was so good that it has changed my mood. I laughed with that SMS and regain my original mood and status.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Cup of Coffee! ( Really Good Article for Realisation)!!!!

A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups porcelain, plastic,glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to hot coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said:

"If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leavingbehind the plain and cheap ones.

It is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves and that is the source of your problems and stress.

What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciouslywent for the best cups and were eyeing each other's cups.

Now if life is coffee, then the jobs, money and position in society arethe cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, but the quality of Life doesn't change. Some times, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee in it."

This article has been send across my e mail by one of my divine friend.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Communication Skills for an Effective Marketing.

Hi folks, Marking is a very tactful tactics to approach, communicate and convince your clients.One's motive to do marketing is not only confine to boost up your sales but to give better and good services to your customers. Customer should get convince from your sales talk.

One's sales talk should be in the favour of customers. A marketing person should see all the factors of their customers like their budgets for spending, tastes and likes, benefits from the products, prices, Sales supports, Discounts and other facilities.

I can give a best example of a salesman who efficiently had made the growth of sales from his sales talk. He never convince the customers for which he is not interested. He sees whether that customers which he is offering the products or services gets matched with their tastes and likes. If a customer is ready to buy but from his sales talk he narrates " this is not suitable for you, it hardly comes to any use, etc avoiding the customer not to spend an extravagant amount in unnecessary products. Though his intention is to sell and makes profit either by hook or by crook.

Marketing done with positive approach, in a correct ways and methods,honestly and geniuinely will definately makes a person popular in marketing and the customer will get the trust on him. Never make fool to your customer by giving low quality, high price and monoplizing your products as to differentiate out from your competitors.

Stay in touch with your customers. Meeting someone once is not enough. Send Notes, call them or meet for lunch, greet them in any occassions and maintain the relationship. Always be humble and show ettiquetes in your dealings.

When communcating on one's mobile directly one has to be very polite and sweet and to get start off your sales talk, first wish them and ask whether he is free to listen him, otherwise take appointment from him and briefly narrarte your sales talk as much as possible.

Love your work, your sales talk, your movements, your approach, your behaviour and pass it on to your customers. Loveness, feelings and likings has to be there in you. No matter if your sales talk has not convince him, do not feel sad and unhappy but end up your conversation friendly by shaking his hands well. May be that customer get turn around later and buy from you your products or services.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top 7 ways to improve your site traffic - Freewebs

Hi Folks ! This is a very important article from Freewebs.com, whre you get the useful tips how to promote your website and increase the traffic so as to make your site popular with the top search engines and to boost your sales.

It is a site where you can create your website totallt free of costs under their banner. You can visit at the link http://www.freewebs.com and can create your own site.

Here are the few useful tips from freewebs.com

1 ) To help your site soar in 2008, we put together 7 ways you can improve your site and increase site traffic:
2 ) Keep Content Fresh - New content is a great way to keep visitors coming back. Search engines also rank sites with fresh content higher. Keeping an active blog is a great way to keep your site new and fresh.
3 ) Keep it Simple - Visitors should be able to easily look around your site. If visitors are frustrated and can't find what they are looking for, they are likely to leave quickly and never come back or recommend your site to others.
4 )Help Visitors Contact You - Make it simple for visitors to reach you if they want. Include a guestbook or blog where they can post questions. Add a "contact me" form where they can submit questions to you via email.
5 ) Use Descriptive File Names - Use descriptive keywords as names for the files (e.g., pictures, videos) on your site. This will help your site appear more with search engines - especially through things like Google Image Search.
6 )Create Links - Getting links to your site from other websites will help generate more traffic and improve your placement in search engines. Find other Freewebs sites on your same topic and put a link to them on your site -- maybe in a new "Favorite Links" page. Then ask those sites to link back to you by signing their guestbook.
7 )Tag your Site - Adding site tags can increase the number of times your site shows up in search results. To pick the right keywords, try putting yourself in the shoes of your visitors and think what they would search for if they wanted to find your site.
Liven Up Site with Widgets - Add widgets to help your visitors interact with your site, get useful information, or just have fun. They are free and easy to add.

Log in here to learn more on how you can promote your site.Happy Site Building! ~ Your Freewebs Team

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

This year has come with new offerings, challenges, oppurtunities, ideas and new concepts to change the entity of ones self. This is the only time to give up with the bad ideas and develop contemporary styles and ideas.
We always takes new resolutions in the new year to put in to habits those reslutions in our entire life. This is only the time to rejenuavete ourself and the aura of our body and suroundings.We have to enlighten ourself so as to see changes in ourself and surroundings.

I have seen many people who are stereoyped and restrict to change themselves. We should be dynamic in our attitude and approach. We should develop new ideas and beliefs as per changing world environment.

Todays coomunication is so fast to reach our message with no seconds of time. In this Information technologhy one can accesss internet to get information and knowledge of the whole world. The world is becoming shorter and shorter that even we could not believe the person there at overseas is there next to us thanks for internet chatting and e mail.

In this world, I find many people orthodox and unfamiliar with this concepts. They never change their attitude and always stick to their old attitude. They are always sick in their outlook and dealings. An intelliigent man is so called when he has couraged to change his attitude and nature.

In the New Year one has to check himself of his deeds in the past and the bad deeds should not go on repeating in this year like damage caused in the relationship, dishonesty, etc. All bad habits can be slowly healed in this year. We should be humble, polite, sincere, spiritual, pious, positive, helpful in our approach.

I have been taught by my uncle that how to transform your enemy in to friends ?. The realtionship is like a mirror once it gets broken it is very difficult to get repair. The simple solution is whatever you did wrong with someone who got in turn became your enemy, simply give a broad smile whenever he come across in front of you rather than turning a face around or simply aplolgize him for your wrong doing.He will atleast forgive you rather becoming your friend and slowly you should start building relationship with him and a day will come that the wounds caused between you will get healed.

Welcome this new year by taking the new resolutions and adhere to your new resolutions to your entire life which makes your life fresh and recreating .